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01.08 Ich+Ich, Stern-Tour

The band Ich+Ich has ordered for its "Vom selben Stern"-Tour (From the same star) 8 globes with the diameters of 100, 120, 150 and 200cm as well as a star with the diameter of 300cm from Illuminist.

The objects were partly suspended and partly fixed on the by Illuminist recently developed tripod system. This system allows for an even more flexible and varied use of our light objects. This way, the set-designers of Ich+Ich could decide shortly, which objects should be suspended and which objects should be fixed on the up to three meters high tripods.

Other advantages were the small packaging dimensions (<0,5m²), the low weight of the objects (around 20kg, including 2 tripods) and the easy build-up (hang up and plug). And the light-designer was happy about the numerous options to mix the light of the objects with constantly new variations of the stage light.

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